Please find below a few testimonials received by email or phone. We are very grateful indeed to these parents, many of whom successfully secured grammar school places for their children. Please keep sending in your testimonials to help others. Thank you!

I was really happy my son took your mock test. He is a top performer in his year and I think had become very comfortable with this fact. Your mock test was a real eye opener, as even though he did quite well, there were a handful of children who performed better than he did. Hopefully, he now realises how competitive the exams are and will take it more seriously. Thank you very much for the experience. Child now attends Haberdasher Boys.

L.A, Barnet EN5

I was quite pleased with the results of both the English and Numeracy tests and Zxxxx certainly feels confident now for the 11 plus ahead. Thank you for the detailed feedback which was also encouraging. Child got a grammar school place.

L.O, Sutton

I really appreciate your support and help, I just called a few minutes back and talked with one of your staff members named Sandra, she explained me so well all the process of exams. I have booked almost all mock tests from your company, really grateful to all of you, it's a great support and help and it really helped me to improve my son's weak points. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.

S.Z, Thamesmead SE28

We were surprised when we turned up for the mock test, to see the large number of people in attendance. It was a wake up call as to how competitive the 11+ exams are. Very good experience for my daughter trying to get into Townley Grammar. I am pleased we have booked several mock tests. Child now attends Townley Grammar.

Mrs A.W, Bromley

Thanks a lot for the mock test feedback reports. I appreciate your systematic approach a lot.


It has been a good experience to identify the weak areas and work towards those. I am definitely going to enrol my other child to go through the mocks next year. Thanks and regards,

Mr S Ghoxxx EN1

My son just sat your mock Selective Eligibility Test in January and I must say my feedback is ‘GREAT EXPERIENCE!' The feedback report is fantastic as I have been able to go through his weak areas and have given the report to his tutor. Thank you very much. I will be booking him to sit Paper 2.

Mrs C, Sutton SM1

I must say I am very impressed with the amount of detail given in the feedback. Thank you very much for the Maths and Literacy checklists - a great idea. I have booked some masterclasses for my son, I am hoping that these classes will be just as useful.

Mrs AO, Kent

Thank you very much for his paper, which has just arrived. I just wanted to thank you for the service you have provided, I am so pleased I put Oxxx in for your mock, it has been an incredibly useful process.

KA, Hatfield