All changes to mock test dates booked will incur a £15 administration fee to cover the cost of making the change.
Where the mock information pack has been produced any changes to the mock test date will incur a £25 fee, only where the mock test date is still open for bookings.
Where the original mock test date is closed for bookings, changes cannot be made to the date under any circumstances.The customer will have to forfeit the full cost of the booking made and book a new date.

For details on how to change your mock test dates, please complete the form below.

    • I understand that this is merely a request to change the date. A confirmation email will be sent to you, if approved.
    • I understand that I will be required to complete a new online booking form (without payment) if authorised.
    • I have checked that there are available spaces on the new date.
    • I understand that a fee is payable if approved.